Investment Strategy

Kinsale has a conservative investment strategy that seeks to achieve steady and consistent results.  Our investment portfolio is primarily focused on high-quality, fixed-maturity securities with a relatively small allocation to common and preferred equity securities.

Our fixed-maturity portfolio is managed by a globally-recognized investment management firm, and our equity portfolio is managed in-house via a variety of actively managed common stock and passively managed funds.

Our investment strategy is governed by our investment policy which:

  • is approved by the Investment Committee of the Board of Directors
  • reflects a long-term approach to sustainable value creation
  • is designed to comply with regulatory requirements
  • places limitations on the types of investments we may make
  • places limitations on concentrations of credit and equity risk
  • imposes strict requirements on credit quality, with a minimum average credit rating for the fixed-maturity portfolio of “AA-” or higher

The Investment Committee of the Board of Directors exercises oversight of Kinsale’s investment strategy and performance through regular meetings and discussions with management and investment managers.