Our Business

Kinsale Capital Group, Inc. is a specialty insurance group focused exclusively on the excess and surplus lines market in the United States. We use our underwriting expertise to offer terms on hard-to-place risks. Our goal is to provide long-term value to our stockholders by generating exceptional profit and growth. Kinsale seeks to accomplish our goal by producing consistent underwriting profits, steady investment returns along with sound capital management. Kinsale Capital Group, Inc. is designed to be highly entrepreneurial and efficient. We differentiate ourselves from our competitors by effectively leveraging technology, vigorous expense management and by maintaining control over our claims and underwriting processes.

Our Results

Summary Financial Data

($000)201820192020 20212022
Gross written premiums$275,538$389,694$552,814$764,373$1,102,092
Net income33,78763,31688,419152,659159,114
Net operating earnings (1)38,74353,24572,313132,404180,363
Return on equity13.5%18.9%18.0%23.9%22.0%
Operating return on equity (1)15.4%15.9%14.7%20.8%25.0%
Loss ratio60.2%59.9%63.9% 55.7%57.7%
Expense ratio25.1%24.8%22.8% 21.4%20.2%
Combined ratio85.3%84.7%86.7%77.1%77.9%

(1) Net operating earnings and operating return on equity are non-GAAP financial measures, please click here to see Non-GAAP Reconciliation-Net Operating Earnings.